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The name Summer Holiday is inspired by one of the seasons in the world, namely summer. In the summer, the beach will usually be crowded with tourists because in their home country, it is difficult to find a sun that continues to shine like in Bali.

The hotel logo has a curved line and there are several straight lines above it symbolizing the shape of the sunset or sunset. Just a few steps from the hotel, tourists will be able to watch the beautiful sunset on Kuta Beach.

The word “Summer” which is bold symbolizes the robustness and stability of the structure of the hotel building, besides that it is an affirmation from the company that this hotel provides comfort for tourists spending time during the summer holidays.

The word “Holiday” has a holiday meaning. That symbolizes the company’s hope to make this hotel the first destination while on vacation in Bali.

Frangipani flower (Jepun Bali) with five petals symbolizes hotel classification. The hotel classification is determined by star. And this hotel includes five star hotels.

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