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Jineng Bali Villa’s is located at Tampak Siring,Gianyar. Named Jineng Bali Villa’s because the shape of the villa building resembles a tame. In Bali Jineng is a place to store rice when the harvest season arrives. the building is shaped like this so that guests feel the Balinese feel that is very thick in this villa plus the view of the vast and green rice fields around the villa. Not only rice fields, this villa also has a view of the river which has water gurgling which makes the villa feel cooler and more comfortable. From the outside we can see that the building is very small and narrow but if we look inside this villa it still has a luxurious and elegant impression.
Escape to an ldyllic of modern comfort, unparalleled service and warm local village charm. All Jineng Bali Villas suites are built following traditional balinese house named jineng. Jineng is a place to store rice during the harvest season. From the moment you arrive, Jineng Bali will serenade some harmonies back into your life by offering you the opportunity to experience traditional balinese life, the lush tropical landscapes,the spaciously comfortable suites and pool villas. Envisioned to be the vacation retreat choice of every discraminating traveller seeking the ultimate privacy, comfort, and value for money.


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