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Digital Transformation in Hospitality Industry

Why and how the hospitality industries will be disrupted by digital?
How can the incumbent survive in this chaotic era?
Find the answer and alternative solutions and best practice in this training session.

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Own Channel E-commerce Strategy for Hospitality Industry

Industry players have a weak bargaining power toward OTA. The solution is, every company must leverage their sales channel trough their own website or mobile apps. What’s the benefit of having your own channel? How can you attract potential audience choose your own channel? How can you make them loyal with you?

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The Power of Content Marketing in Hospitality Industry

Travel and leisure industries are all about experience. You can’t make people move without great story telling to tease them. The best way to get them there is trough word of mouth. This training session will give you a comprehensive approach for content marketing from channeling strategy, creating appealing content, and then measure it into sales conversions.

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Community Approach for Winning Hospitality Industries

This session will discuss about how you can execute this strategy, what’s the most influential channel, and how you can make your products or services become their top of mind. Then they share it to others directly or through social media channel.

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Hotel Frontliner and Digital Marketing

This program will talk about the changing landscape of hospitality industry because of internet and social media. Now consumers are preferred to book through online and make purchase decisions based on social media and online reviews. Every student in this course will learn every single of the breakthrough e – commerce strategy to win the competition in hospitality industry.

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